Information for Participants

On the first day, representatives from companies present problems to academics. On the next three days, the academic participants (researchers, professors, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students) allocate themselves to a group, each of which works in one of the proposed problems. On the final day, each group gives a presentation on the progress made showing their findings, results and suggestions for subsequent work. Companies may be present only on the first day (to expose their problems) and on the last day (for the results), but they may also stay the entire week to brainstorm ideas. After one month, a report on each problem will be sent and the company will have an academic visit their site to discuss the solution.

This edition of the workshop will work mainly with Discrete Optimization, Operations Research, Integer Programming, (Meta-)Heuristics and related tools. Hence, it is expected that the participants to the workshop have at least some skills in these topics to ease the communication among the working groups.

Registration will be opened for participation in this event FROM 2016-02-01 TO 2016-05-27 through this site. There is no fee for registration, attending the lunches, the welcome drink and the conference dinner.
Note: PhD students should see with their doctoral school whether the workshop can be used to validate some credits.
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